15 Minutes with HB Ep 60 – 10 Years 10 Questions

On this week’s World of Warcraft Podcast: Shout out to @Alternativechat for coming up with the 10 Years 10 Questions idea to commemorate World of Warcraft’s 10 Year Anniversary. It served as the template for this week’s podcast as HB and I looked back on our time spent playing in game and what we have gained from it. I highly suggest at the very least checking out our responses to Question 1: Why did you start playing World of Warcraft and Question 10: What effects has World of Warcraft had on your life outside of gaming. Of course you should listen to the whole thing, but those two questions ended up as our favorites. Thanks again to @Alternativechat. If you are interested in answering the questions yourself head on over to alternative-chat.net. Follow us on Twitter @yowowpvp, itunes, stitcher, and bisnation.net  

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